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Justina Los | Deathinitely | 15.04. - 21.05.2023 | raku-fired ceramics, cardboard, laser print on paper, customised lighters, basalt grit, black smoke flares (during opening reception)

Justina Los

15.04. - 21.05.2023
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Justina Los' works are homages to a social and economic system that has long since ceased to function globally, in which the future belongs only to those who can afford it, while the unprivileged eat frozen pizza through the domination mechanisms of dependencies and burnouts.
Death is deathinitely as certain as the fact that the gates to ecological and social decline have already begun to open. With "Deathinitely", super bien! becomes a smoking, neglected buffet landscape: petrified pizzas topped with cigarette butts, as if freshly fetched from the underground burning gas crater - a post-apocalyptic catering, with worthless resources that might have remained with us after a possible catastrophe. (Justina Los) | photos 1/3/5 Jochen Wermann

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