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Anna Bochkova | Space Cradle |

Anna Bochkova | Space Cradle | 25.03. - 02.05.2022 | ceramics, papermache, metal chains

Anna Bochkova
Space Cradle

25.03.2022 - 02.05.2022
#2 related to transition

What is not possible today will become possible tomorrow.
Space cradle develops and continues a visual research of Anna Bochkova about theories of the future from Eastern perspectives. Her sculptures take inspiration from rethinking Avant-garde concepts, sci-fi movies and from a contemplation of Cosmism.
Anna Bochkova’s ceramic objects on the one side seem to look like utility items, cloth, dolls and on the other they resemble a map or a digital landscape which forms puddles as if it was liquid.
A repeated image of cradle derives from former Soviet birth hospitals and questions the role of conceptual universes - perfect fictional worlds, arising from the fallen utopia, destroyed infrastructure, abandoned factories and desertification. (Anna Bochkova)

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