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Michael A. Robinson | Imploded

Michael A. Robinson | Imploded 2021 | 12.11.2021 - 09.01.2022 | mixed materials and rests, neon tubes, LED tubes

Michael A. Robinson
When there is no art to see, art sees you

12.11.2021 - 23.01.2022
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When there is no art to see, art sees you, 2021 is an installation that began as a sculpture that I created last year in the peak of the COVID19 crisis, titled Imploded, 2020. (...) My creative frustrations were expressed in the context of a series of earlier works, by way of hermetically sealed cubes, squares and containers which were viewable from a single window. With titles such as Boîte de Nuit, End of Career Privilege and Busy for Nothing, these works became ways for me of continuing to create under impossible conditions. In this way it makes a lot of sense for me to work with super bien!, a situation where the container already exists and where the impossible conditions of COVID19 and of a foreign artist creating his first work in Berlin converge and collapse into an installation artwork that wants to see you! Essentially moving the outside to the inside as a way of articulating the limits on production, both personal and contextual, and a mise en abyme for artistic survival in the time of COVID19. (Michael A. Robinson)    

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