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Markus Wirthmann | Aeolian Pro

Markus Wirthmann | Aeolian Processes (Uckermark 16/18) | 24.08. - 04.10.2018 | tangential fans, quartz sand (photos Markus Wirthmann)

Markus Wirthmann
Aeolian Processes (Uckermark 16/18)

24.08. - 04.10.2018
#3 related to time

Markus Wirthmann's sculptural, sculptural-installative works are developed on the basis of natural phenomena and scientific-technical processes, which he transforms into aesthetic processes in experimental arrangements. Within defined framework conditions, which are usually visibly revealed to the viewer, works are created that thematize their means and media, while always also revealing the artistic-experimental procedure. Particular importance is attached to the tension between chance and necessity, in which he places the relationship between material cause and pictorial effect. Often site-specific works are created, which create specific "biotopes" in the respective environments, taking into account individually different factors such as light, air temperature, humidity. One may assume a deliberately set dramaturgy in most of these arrangements, in which Wirthmann gathers and links relationships - both in the confrontation with the very place and the materials brought into play, as well as in his dealings with the viewer. The image emancipates itself from its enabler. This is an anti-authoritarian strategy. Freedom and self-determination for the images. Humility and tolerance as artistic virtues. It is about a very specific way of looking at the world and relating it to oneself, isolating elements, putting them into new contexts and functions. Markus Wirthmann gives "controlled" chance a stage. (Markus Wirthmann)

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