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Martin Binder | Portrait of a

Martin Binder | Portrait of a Birch | 15.12.2017 - 15.03.2018 | wood-filament (photos Asaf Oren)

Martin Binder
Portrait einer Birke

15.12.2017 - 15.03.2018

The site specific installation investigates the reciprocal reference of similarity, diversity and identity in a critical and poetic manner. The branch is a filigree imitation of a real birch branch, a copied fragment of a birch, consisting of a wood-plastic composite. Its visual, haptic and olfactory properties come close to the original material. “Portrait einer Birke” (engl. Portrait of a Birch) asks questions about identity and originality, – what is real, what do we perceive, why do we perceive something?
The branch creates a reality that is disconnected from its original environment, as a three-dimensional cutout of something that may no longer exist. As manipulation, correction, assertion, reproduction. Unlike its naturally grown model, the three-dimensional birch branch is not subject to any seasonal changes. It has a monumental size and yet is trapped in a glass house, cut off from its trunk, but held up as if it were still present. (...) In order to create the sculpture with a 3D-pen, Martin Binder studied the structure of different birch trees meticulously. “My eyes were the 3D-scanner and my hands were the 3D-printer” explains the artist, who made the entire work by hand. Since 2015 Binder uses 3D-pens for his perplexingly realistic sculptures. (Martin Binder)