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Renata Rara Kaminska | Spatium

Renata Rara Kaminska | Spatium | 20.08. - 26.09.2021 | concrete pieces, floor tiles from the place

Renata Rara Kaminska

20.08. - 26.09.2021
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When art speaks in paradox, reality can be captured: “Does the public belong to art, and if not, why?” Every protest grounds its own legitimacy through the visual demonstration of the significance of an issue, an attitude, etc. to the (supposed) masses and their mobilization. However, this construction is in part necessarily imaginary, even fictitious at times. Questioning the habitual categorizations put forward by scholarly and socio-economic analysis, reveals the conception that art is frequently understood as an equal within other scientific disciplines. Explicitly asking questions about future viability and by bringing together the shared responsibilities of both art and science, new dialogues come to the fore. Remembering is political. What is remembered, what is forgotten, and why? Who owns the public space? and how much of it is mine? (Renata Rara Kaminska)

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