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Lucio Auri | NomoNemoEmpandaAu

Lucio Auri | NomoNemoEmpandaAutoReadymade | 21.03. - 04.05.2020 | Seat Marbella "Jeans" edition, painted aluminium pipe, fluorescent tube, adhesive film

Lucio Auri

21.03. - 04.05.2020
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Whether it is gesture or an act, it is a matter of time that they will have to be judged by their efficiency compared to the meaning of an immanent- communicative act. AutoReadymade is a whimsical and subtle installation as a provocative signifier in response to its surroundings and climate escap- ist policies. Assumptions can be made or we go back to zero and restart an equivalence that is entirely ordinary. I don’t know if this is asking questions or providing answers. I think it open reflective, in other words, it invites us to think differently, by shifting around our possible references. Setting up comparisons between individual lives and collective tastes, my work is often an endeavour to expose the connection between the everyday, according lifestyles and design criteria. Ideas won’t keep ...something must be done about them. (Lucio Auri)

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