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Shelley Odradek | low visibili

Shelley Odradek | low visibility | 01.07. - 13.08.2022 | translucent mirror foil on acrylic glass

Shelley Odradek
low visibility

01.07. - 13.08.2022
#5 related to transition

Predominant cultural and power relations function within the logic of wholeness, finity, and completeness, success and individuality. And so when something breaks, or cracks, or is perhaps unable to render a perfect, mirror reflection, it is no longer able to serve its normative purpose. 

But does the “imperfect” reflection not give us something valuable? Are these aberrations not centers of possibility? Image is echo, in-visibility is altered visibility. Shelley Odradek neither romaticizes nor negates virtual life(s) in favor of material life, but introduces spaces which test the "break" potential of all possible engagements, connections, structures, and forms. She seeks both clarity and blur in the spaces that we define, and through which we are defined. She asks, “If I have no image, what do I reflect? If I have no body, where is my skin?” 
(Shelley Odradek)
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