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Paetzug / Hertweck | Fisimaten

Paetzug / Hertweck | Fisimatenten | 08.09. - 31.10.2023 | polyester, polyethylen, fibre glass, motor, aluminium

Pätzug / Hertweck

08.09. - 31.10.2023
#6 related to flow

The installation by Pätzug / Hertweck transforms the greenhouse into a place where the universe begins to waver. The theory of the growing universe is illustrated by the incessant changes of the billowing firmament. But the wrinkles in the starry sky challenge our notions of stability, control, and orientation. The intervention transcends the boundaries of the glasshouse and challenges its notions of controlled growth and organic developments. It creates a symbiosis between the cosmic and the earthbound, between the infinite and the limited. Pätzug and Hertweck have created a visual reflection that inspires us to reevaluate the infinities that surround us. (Pätzug / Hertweck) | 4. photo Elza Gubanova

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