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Peter Welz | TELL ME | 16.04.

Peter Welz | TELL ME | 16.04. - 30.05.2021 | adjustable reflector stand, metal, wood, kappa board, string wire

Peter Welz

16.04. - 30.05.2021
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A mobile with models and architectural devices for video sculptures and video installations. The models of the distorted projection frames are a conceptual continuation for video sculptures, which haven’t been realised so far. Therefore the title TELL ME is regarded as an open invitation for criticism. The title for the exhibition at super bien! derives from a quote by Monica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni’s film The Red Desert: There’s something terrible about reality and i don’t know what. nobody tells me. Welz used the quote for the Berghain flyer in 2018. (Peter Welz)

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