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Daniel Hölzl | LIVE BAIT | 11

Daniel Hölzl | LIVE BAIT | 11.03. - 09.04.2023 | carbon fiber fishing rods in various sizes, recycled paraffin wax sculpture (1:1 oil barrel), heating elements

Daniel Hölzl

11.03. - 09.04.2023
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Daniel Hölzl primarily creates site-specific installations using recycled materials, with the 
aim of exploring the cyclical nature of matter and challenging our perceptions of
 continuity. His installations, which are created from locally sourced materials and often 
transform autonomously, invite visitors to reconsider the role of monuments in society and 
question our fixation on permanence. By highlighting the interwoven timescales of matter
 and the impact of human actions on the environment, Hölzl's work promotes a greater
 sense of interconnectedness and a more sustainable approach to resource management.
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Daniel Hölzl_RelatedToFlow#1_super bien! Berlin 2023-2-u4Uud
Daniel Hölzl_RelatedToFlow#1_super bien! Berlin 2023-1-BZnQv