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Ariel Gout | Palm Pebbles #7 |

Ariel Gout | Palm Pebbles #7 | 18.11.2016 - 08.01.2017 | ceramics, threads (photos Ariel Gout)

Ariel Gout

Palm Pebbles #7, Berlin

18.11.2016 - 08.01.2017

Palm Pebbles is an ongoing project of site-specific installations, begun in 2013, by the artist Ariel Gout. The Palm Pebbles are small ceramic elements whose shape is reminiscent of the pebbles polished by water over time. For each installation, Ariel Gout molds each Pebble individually in the Palm of her hands in a repetitive and almost meditative process. (…) To date, six temporary installations have been carried out between Europe and the USA; in the seventh installation, in Berlin, the Palm Pebbles are floating in the space of the greenhouse super bien!. Ariel Gout works with paper, clay and thread to create drawings and installations; using simple materials and basic marks and forms, she aims at simplicity and fluidity, echoing the zen philosophy. Guided by the harmony and balance at work in our natural environment, the artist combines dots or simple shapes, applying the minimalist aesthetic principles of repetition, variation and accumulation. She is inspired by the biological phenomena of growth, development, and connectedness, their metaphorical significations, and the potentialities of their formal visual translations. Her visual imagery relies on a play between the microscopic and the macroscopic levels. (…) The simplicity of the materials, the smoothness of the lines, the delicate connections, the plays with light and transparency, express fragility and vulnerability. (Anne Katrin Stork)