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Kathrin Rabenort | private bou

Kathrin Rabenort | private boundary | 15.01. - 06.03.2017 | various fabrics, metal (photos Kathrin Rabenort, Monika Götz)

Kathrin Rabenort
Private Boundary

15.01. - 06.03.2017

During my residency at Shanghai in autumn 2016 I found myself controlled. Sometimes by being directly recorded, sometimes by controlled through the internet. Everyday using the metro, I was controlled several times. Was it for security or observation? I don´t know, but I found my private space shrunking. Out of this experience I build up “private boundary”, using the super bien! green house as a synonym for a private space, even you could look through. I seewed ribbons out of camouflage fabric, always two different pattern together: french woodland, winter camouflage, five spot camouflage for europe and for desert. So by circle around the green house you always have another pattern and colour in focus. I seewed an overall and a cap out of the different fabrics and performed my survival in the private space. (Kathrin Rabenort)