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Hannah Rath | INSIGHT INSIDE |

Hannah Rath | INSIGHT INSIDE | 01.11.2022 - 01.01.2023 | screenprint on textile, lining, threads, metal chains

Hannah Rath

01.11.2022 - 01.01.2023
#8 related to transition

Hannah Rath's artistic work is characterised by its clear, conceptual form, which at the same time focuses on sensual material aspects and combines this with a visual approach to language. Her work hovers between minimalist linguistic image and site-specific installations, in some cases linking up with Concrete Poetry. This is clearly evident in her more recent works, large-format screen prints and net-like objects. In different ways, they are literally written images, in the "tipping moment" between seeing and reading, which create surprising connections between text, texture and textile. (Hannah Rath) | photos 2/3/5 Jochen Wehrmann


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